Fem grunner til å velge Prison Island

1. A completely unique concept

You will be able to offer a totally unique adventure to your customers. There are no competition that is even close. Prison Island has a completely unique design, technology and business concept. There are very few, if any, activities that have even remote similarities to Prison Island in the world.

When you become a franchisee, you will get an exclusivity in a particular geographic area and are guaranteed a long-term safe and stable business deal.

Within the Prison Island family, you will also always have the most advanced high-tech solution on the market. We have a strong R&D focus and continuously follow and include the latest available technology in the Prison Island concept. Such as for example the Raspberry Pi – the world’s smallest computer.

2. Profitable

We are very proud of that all franchisees to Prison Island are clearly profitable. There are several clear examples of how the introduction of Prison Island has turned around a poor performance to very profitable businesses. A proof of the value of Prison Island is that all franchisees have chosen to continue to make new investments and expand the original Prison Island establishment.

Before you become a franchisee to Prison Island, we will of course help you with a detailed budget for your particular business situation, so you can be absolutely sure that you are starting a profitable business.

3. Safe Investment

There is always some type of risk attached to investments, but we are confident that the Prison Island is a much safer choice than most, if not all, other options. We will take responsibility for most of the construction work to a fixed price. Therefore your risk with respect to cost and schedule is low.

We also continuously improve our experience in the construction and startup of a new Prison Island. Each day we enhance and streamline our capabilities. You will benefit from the experience of the startup of all previous Prison Islands. Both those already in operation as well as those under construction. We will of course also assist you in your site selection and support you with experienced staff in place for start-up and first operation.

4. Significant growth

We are currently in a significant expansion mode. Our target is to open at least 200 new Prison Islands worldwide and have established multiple business opportunities in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland, Germany, Spain and in the UK.

The opportunity to open a new Prison Island could not be better.

5. The trend is positive for Prison Island

The experience and entertainment industry has never been as hot, and it is expected to grow even further. To establish yourself in this segment is absolutely the right thing to do.

The trend is to look for more adventures in the neighborhood. We want to make shorter travel that saves time and money and also make room for more experiences.

Another trend, according to analyst firm Kairos Future, is that we demand more and more of the content of the experience regardless of where we live. To be able to offer a completely unique adventure concept such as Prison Island, could not be more right.

Andreas Blüme

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