A leading team-gaming entertainment and adventure chain. Founded in Sweden. Heading for the world.

Becoming a franchisee of Prison Island is becoming a part of fast-growing team-gaming indoor entertainment and adventure chain. What once started in an old factory in Västerås is now heading for 200+ sites in Europe and beyond. Let’s grow a business together!

About Prison Island

It all started in an old factory 2004 in Västerås, Sweden as ArosFortet. The first franchisees hooked up 2006 and it all took off. Today, Prison Island is a leading international team-gaming indoor entertainment and adventure chain. We provide real life gaming experiences based on team collaboration, social interaction and skills deployment for families and companies to hardcore gamers of all ages and genders. Heading for the world. 

The team

Prison Island HQ consists of hard-working, super committed team-members. We use our long experience and in-depth knowledge to serve our franchise owners in every possible way. We work hard to build a sustainable business success for the franchise system and for all our franchisees.

Franchisee's around the world

Andreas Blüme

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