Climbers, crawlers, einsteins, first timers and wizkids – you are all welcome!

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How the fun works

Hey there, intern! Here’s the prison rules you must follow to manage life behind bars.

First things first
Divide yourselves into teams of 3-4 people and choose a team name, register at the reception and get your electronic key.
Go green
Start with cells with green light. You can challenge the cells in any order you like.
Choose wisely
Each cell is ranked after difficulty (tactics, physics, technicality) and is worth a different number of points.
Pressure is on
The countdown begins when you open the door. Red light = time is out or you have failed. Green light = you’ve succeeded and your points get stored on your badge.
Earn your freedom
Return badge to the reception och review your team points! You are now allowed to mock the losers.

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The Ultimate Guide​

Be prepared. Here’s a complete guide to the cells you can challenge.

We love groups!

What do you need? Food, fika, conference room or just a fast lunch? At Prison Island, we have a group offering for all kind of groups and needs.

About Prison Island

Prison Island is an indoor adventure destination for everyone from 9-99 years old. Just like in the TV-show Fort Boyard,  it’s all about teamwork and collaboration to solve tricky challenges in cells and to collect points. All while the clock is ticking.  What once started in 2004 in Västerås, Sweden is now a fast-growing international franchise chain with 40 sites in 10 countries. We’re heading for the world.

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If this is your first visit, we recommend two hours of activity to test all cells.

We recommend Prison Island from 9 years old. Some children perceive that some cells are scary due to the lighting and sound.

It’s up to you as a parent to decide. However, keep in mind that children under the age of eight must always be accompanied by a paying adult. Maximum two children under eight years per paying adult in the cells.

We recommend comfortable shoes and clothing.