Why Prison Island

The reasons why Prison Island is a great idea!

There are a vast number of reasons to why Prison Island is a great idea! By joining Prison Islands franchise system, you are well equipped for a business success for years to come. Here are eighteen of the advantages you get with our franchise model:

1. Unique product

You will be able to offer a totally unique adventure to your customers. There is no competition that is even close. Prison Island has a completely unique design, technology, and business concept. There are very few, if any, activities that have even remote similarities to Prison Island in the world.

2. Proven, and enduring concept

Prison Island is extremely well proven and tested for many, many years and in a vast number of countries. The visitor numbers are increasing by the year. Only one site has ever closed operation, and that was due to the Corona crisis. Prison Island has:

  • >20 years of operation
  • >70 sites in 12 countries
  • >4 million visitors from all continents and many, many countries

3. Safe Investment

There is always some type of risk attached to investments, but we are confident that Prison Island is a safe choice. We will take responsibility for a big part of the construction work to a fixed price. Therefore, your risk with respect to cost and schedule is low.

We also continuously improve our experience in the construction and startup of a new Prison Island. Each day we enhance and streamline our capabilities. You will benefit from the experience of the startup of all previous Prison Islands. Both those already in operation as well as those under construction. We will of course also assist you in your site selection and support you with experienced staff in place for start-up and first operation.

4. Proven profitability

We are very proud of that all franchisees to Prison Island are profitable. There are several clear examples of how the introduction of Prison Island has turned around a poor performance to very profitable businesses. A proof of the value of Prison Island is that all franchisees have chosen to continue to make new investments and expand the original Prison Island establishment.

Prison Island has proven to be successful in various conditions. 10 different countries, small cities – big cities, stand-alone and together with other activity etc etc

5. Exclusivity in your region

When you become a franchisee, you will get an exclusivity in a particular geographic area and are guaranteed a unique, long-term safe and stable business deal.

6. Perfect match to your existing business

Prison Island is a fantastic combination together with other activities. You get shared cost of staff and common areas (restaurant, reception etc) and in addition you will get a good upsell of your present activity and restaurant. No guests leave a Prison Island without having some refreshments!!

7. Significant growth

We are currently in a significant expansion mode. Our target is to open at least 200 new Prison Islands worldwide. We have >70 sites in operation and already firm contracts for 19 additional sites in the near future. We have three skilled implementation teams and with each new site, we get more experience that you will benefit from. The opportunity to open a new Prison Island could not be better!

8. Fast growing industry

The leisure market has never been as hot, and it is expected to grow even further all over the world. Specially the segment of Indoor Entertainment Centers. The trend is to look for more adventures in the neighborhood. We want to make shorter travel that saves time and money and also make room for more experiences. Another trend, is that we demand more and more of the content of the experience regardless of where we live.

Several market institutes and other analytical groups give consistent conclusions – The indoor entertainment market will more than double from 2017 to 2025.  To establish yourself in this segment is absolutely the right thing to do.

9. Low staffing demand

Prison Island only require a few staff to operate the total site. Manpower basically is only needed for reception and registration. There is no need for a direct “host” or supervision. Once the customer has checked in, everything is automatically supervised.

10. Easy to operate

Prison Island is very easy to operate. All is handled from the reception computer where you register teams. Then let the guest view the briefing video, and that’s it!

Maintenance and cleaning are of course required occasionally, but maintenance costs are almost neglectable.

11. Most advanced high-tech platform on the market

The Prison Island platform is the most advanced available technical solution today. All is in-house development and ensure you will have a unique advantage compared to the rest. We can support you instantly through a direct link to your server. Our skilled service teams will also visit your site for support and review regularly.

12. Continuous quick development and strong support

Within the Prison Island family, you will have the most advanced high-tech solution on the market. We have a strong R&D focus and continuously follow and include the latest available technology in the Prison Island concept. Development is constantly going on. Prison Island sites constructed today have already some significantly enhanced functionality and technical development compared to just 1-2 years ago

We develop 3-5 new cells each year and also continuously produce new videos and other marketing material.

13. Robust and versatile cells

The Prison Island cells have been developed, tested and improved over more than 15 years and in more than 40 sites. This ensures that you will get good, robust cells that require minimum of maintenance.

14. High retention rate of customers

The visiting teams at Prison Island will get scores for each cell and a total score. There are high score lists for each day, month and year. The teams can compare their results with other teams and with last visit. This significantly promote return visits

15. Attracts a wide range of customers

Basically, everybody enjoys Prison Island. There are all types of groups coming. Companies, bachelor parties, birthday parties, school classes, athlete clubs, families, friends, and so on.

Visitors from all ages are come to Prison Island. From 9-10 years of age up to 100, and even younger children together with parents.

The customers are equal in gender. As many boys as girls!

16. The perfect teambuilding attraction

Since you must work in teams to solve the cells, Prison Island strongly promote teamwork. This is an incredibly positive message to all larger groups such as companies, schools and similar.

17. A happy family

The Prison Island franchisees is a great group to be part of. There is a huge experience and knowledge base within the group. No one have ever left the franchise group. 

10 franchisees have ordered 2 or more sites and 5 franchisees have ordered 3 or more sites.

18. A lot of fun!

After a hectic construction period you can proudly open your brand new Prison Island site and call yourself a Real Prison Islander, with many exiting and fun years to come! Basically all that visit Prison Island leaves the site with a smile. It’s a wonderful environment to make your business in.

Andreas Blüme

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