7 steps to become a Prison Island franchisee

How to become a franchise partner and a true Prison Islander!

1. Familiarize with the concept

Request and review general information about the concept. A particularly good suggestion is to visit one or several other sites to get a better understanding of the game and the operation. If possible, we will meet you at one of our sites!

2. Business plan

Develop a business plan based on your local conditions. As far as possible try to get quotes and estimates about lease costs and base construction. We are happy to support you with our experiences about costs and revenues. 

3. Financing and premises

The two most critical parts are the financing and premises. Most likely you want to have support from a bank, investor, or some other financial institute. And of course, you want to have an attractive central location to a good lease. With your Business Plan as a tool you should contact banks and property owners and make sure you will be able to gather the investment needed for the full project as well as get lease proposals for good premises.

4. Request pre-contractual information

When you are getting to a position where Prison Island is starting to become reality you should request Pre-Contractual Information from us. This gives you more legal details about our company and most important it will also grant you a time limited exclusivity to be able to negotiate and sign a Franchise Agreement with us. At the same time, you should indicate your most likely construction time and make sure we have capacity to support you when you want.

5. Sign agreements and apply for potential permits

When you are convinced about the business and have all the details sorted out the real work starts! Sign agreements with us, with the property owner and with other suppliers for base construction. If a construction permit or similar is needed, try to get the property owner responsible for that. If that is not possible you should apply asap yourself.

6. Construction

When all potential permits are in place, the construction starts. As soon as you have the rooms and walls ready for the coming cells, we will come with a team of 10-15 persons and install all the cells. This takes 8-10 weeks.

7. Operation

After some hectic week you can proudly open your brand-new Prison Island site and call yourself a Real Prison Islander, with many exiting and fun years to come!

Andreas Blüme

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