Important things to consider before you comply

5 important things to consider before you comply

At Prison Island, we employ a custom, holistic approach that empowers you as a franchisee to impact development, marketing, customers, and strategy decisions at every stage of an offering’s life cycle. From concept incubation through post-release and in daily operation. Here are some of the many things to consider when you decide to open a Prison Island franchise: 

1. Start

We have followed ~60 new Prison Islands from rough idea to start-up and operation. With more than 15 years of experience we are not only ready, but more than happy to offer support and advice in the process to full operation

2. Marketing

As a Prison Island franchisee, you have access to our Media Center where we continuously upload new digital material to be used for commercial and marketing purposes. We develop videos, photos, adds and other templates.

You have also access to professional communication expertise that can support you if you have special needs.

Of course, you will also be part of the advanced and modern Prison Island web.

3. Service and support

Our IT team will have constant connection to your server and cells and can support you online with updates, changes and trouble shooting.

At least once a year a service team will visit your site and make a review and check of all cells.

4. Development

We have a full headquarter dedicated to continuous development of the Prison Island concept. This is valid for all areas:

– The IT system and supervision is constantly upgraded with new functions.

– Every year there will be 3-5 new cell design launched.

– Adjacent products are also included, such as reservation system etc

– Furthermore, you will have access to the strength, ideas, and new development in an international chain with 40+ sites. 

5. Upgrades

With the development of new cells and technology, there will always be possibilities for upgrades and brand-new experiences to constantly attract your end customer to come back over, and over again.

Andreas Blüme

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